Latosa Escrima Concepts

Latosa Escrima Concepts is a multi-purpose tool for anyone to use for life tasks and self-protection. Grand Master Rene Latosa teaches these concepts as an overall experience as well as a purposeful tool for your well being.

In Latosa Escrima Concepts a person learns to think and not follow. They learn to use the concepts as tools, analyze situations, and make rational decisions.

Remember, not all Escrima is taught in this manner; be careful of what you expect to achieve.

At EBMAS UK & Ireland we teach the basic and logical Latosa Escrima Concepts in using weapons as one may use in normal day to day tasks. 


Balance.pngGrand Master Rene Latosa maintains the balance concept is the foundation of Latosa Escrima Concepts as well as most tasks we perform throughout our lives. Knowing how to obtain it, and when you get off balanced, how to get it back.

Balance is a key that opens the other concepts necessary in the martial arts.



Speed (Timing and Distance)

Speed.pngSpeed (Timing, distance) is the element of execution as to when you can hit your attacker.






Power.pngPower is driven by the foundation of Balance, dictated by the Distance and Speed of the attack or offense movement.





What-is-Escrima.pngYour Focus is expanded to look at the person as a whole rather than just focusing on the on coming attack.  in other words if you look to much at one hand, you may never see the other hand attacking you.





Transisition-knife.pngTransition is the ability to use a comb, brush or keys without radically changing any physical movements you already know. The objective is to neutralize the situation, not focus upon whether the attacker throws a right or left hand attack.  The main objective is to nullify the attacker.

Transition is the ability to put the other concepts into anything you do and also use a tool to assure yourself of a balanced decision.

Transisition-Broom.pngEBMAS UK & Ireland make use of Latosa Escrima Concepts as the main catalyst of learning and increasing the rate of information retention. In Grand Master Rene Latosa's Escrima, techniques are used as a device to practice concepts. Techniques teach a person how to apply the concepts in a practice setting. Concepts are applied as needed, in various circumstances and this provides more flexibility in the execution.