Latosa Escrima Philosophy

Grandmaster Rene Latosa's Philosophy behind the Latosa Escrima system that is taught in EBMAS is very simple.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

For example Grandmaster Rene Latosa sates: A technique does not work by itself unless combined with the concepts of balance, power, speed, focus, timing, and attitude.

EBMAS students learn when combining these elements, the outcome or whole is far more effective then what would normally be the sum of the parts. This is the reason techniques, as practiced in the system, are only tools used to understand, accept and retain these ideas as apart of the Latosa Escrima Philosophy.

Grandmaster Rene Latosa believes the number of different techniques mastered by EBMAS students or an individual does not increase his level of competence in this system.

Techniques are only practiced moves until combined with the proper fighting concepts of the Latosa Escrima.