What is Latosa Escrima?

Latosa Escrima is the name of a secret martial art brought to the United States by Filipinos. The word Escrima means, "To skirmish". The art is virtually unknown to the general public because of its late entry into the mainstream martial arts world.

Latosa Escrima is noted for using weapons, usually sticks, as the primary tool to learn the basic concepts of the art, with the secondary focus being the empty hands.

Grandmaster Rene Latosa states what is misunderstood most in Latosa Escrima is the idea that in training, the weapon is only a tool in which to EBMAS students learn the basic concepts of Latosa Escrima.

What-is-Escrima.pngGrandmaster Rene Latosa believes what hasn't helped the popularity growth of Latosa Escrima is the stigma attached to how it is taught. The idea of just picking up a weapon is a scary thought but through EBMAS Grandmaster Rene Latosa has convienced EBMAS students and orther martial artists to explore the beauty of this art rather than avoid.