Why do Latosa Escrima?

To use a weapon, to learn Latosa Escrima or a martial art, unearths a visual fear of getting hurt or hurting someone. This is especially true when an individual has had no previous weapon or martial arts training. There is also that mental picture, or fear of an attacker taking your weapon and using it against you.

Nevertheless, weapons seem scary and rightfully so!

Why do Latosa Escrima? Grandmaster Rene Latosa believes there are right and wrong; safe and dangerous; methods of teaching EBMAS students how to handle and respect weapons in Latosa Escrima.

The same rationale holds true not just in Latosa Escrima but for other day to day type of activities such as learning how to:

  • Drive
  • Wiring a lamp
  • Swimming
  • Flying a plane
  • Jogging
  • Weight lifting
  • Cooking and other skills

Grandmaster Rene Latosa teaches his EBMAS instructors and students: Doing something in the wrong way can spell disaster. Doing the right way mean SELF-CONFIDENCE.