4 Ways of Force

Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System uses 4 Wing Tzun principles when dealing with "force":

Free yourself from your opponent's Force

In EBMAS Wing Tzun You must learn to give way to the enemy's force in a controlled and purposeful fashion rather than struggle against it.

Free yourself from your own Force

In EBMAS Wing Tzun You must learn to relax and not rely on brute strength to defeat the enemy, because there's always someone stronger than you who will defeat you in a contest of strength.

Use your opponent's force against him

In EBMAS Wing Tzun You must learn to harness the enemy's force in order to use it against him.

Add your own force to the force of the opponent

In EBMAS Wing Tzun You must learn to use your own force so that it augments the force of the enemy which is being used against him.

In Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System teaches students through intense training they learn to "borrow" the energy of the attack by way of a sort of controlled and deliberate "giving in". The attacked body parts get "charged up" in such a way that they redirect the power of the opponent immediately and with the whole force of impact with which it was dealt out.
Chain Punches

Once a Wing Tzun fighter has gained his/her advantage by a punch he/she doesn't just give it up but lets other chain-punches follow the first. This is one of the most effective arms at all, traditional martial arts know of no means to counter them. The quick sequence of punches overwhelms the capacities of the opponent to process information as he is driven into a helpless defense

Concepts & Principles