Centreline Concept

Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System uses science to educate its students and to explain the Science in the EBMAS Wing Tzun I should start with the Centreline Concept.

In which case we must ask us first 'What do I want to Protect?

To answer this question we must have logic, mathematics, geometry, and dynamics and apply the laws of leverage and give examples to define that EBMAS Wing Tzun is scientific!

Using logic I want to protect my trunk from the top of my head down to my groin (or Saturday night's little Brain! 'Just a joke'!), since biologically we can stay alive without our four Limbs, as long as we get food!

To find out the centre of your trunk we need a vertical mid line and a horizontal mid line, the purpose of the vertical line is to divide left and or from right, the horizontal line is to divide top and or from bottom.

The cross point of the two lines is the centre point.

Now having found out the centre of your trunk you draw a diagram (Circle for Wing Tzun) around your trunk from that centre point. This way you create the same distance to all directions, but more important is that you have also created two dimensions Width & Height.

Now, from there you put an imaginary line from the centre point in front of you aiming to your opponent, this line is your Centreline and as we all know the straight line is the most direct way to your target.

By putting your arms in front your trunk on and along the centreline we create a third dimension!


One of our arms should be far out (Man-Sao) but still the elbow is bend about 45 degree, and the rear arm (Wu-Sao) about 90 degree but the hand is straight up fingers pointing to the ceiling.

From your finger tip on your Man-Sao to your elbow is your depth, From elbow to elbow is you're width and from your Wu-Sao arm from the top of your fingers down to your elbow is your height. Now you have created a three-dimensional protection shield!

Now by knowing that a straight line is the most direct line we'll find out the shortest line to your opponent. This is the straight distance from your front arm (Man-Sao) to your opponent's nose! If the EBMAS Wing Tzun fighter gets attacked he defends by moving both of his arms forward to the opponent's face, by doing so, he creates Time (Which is the fourth Dimension).

If the EBMAS Wing Tzun fighter would have his guard close to the face like a Boxer then the time of the impact of the opponents attack would be the face of the EBMAS Wing Tzun fighter.

If the EBMAS Wing Tzun Fighter places his arms according our explanation above and moves his arms forward, then the time of the impact of the attack would be far in front of him on his Man-sao hand, now he gains the time by doing so for his sense of touch (The Bodies Nervous System) which he needs to feel in which direction the attackers pressure goes in order for the brain & nervous system to execute a unconscious reaction accordingly.

This way the EBMAS Wing Tzun fighter decides in which direction the arm should be bent without taking active participation through the force of the opponent's attack, which would be the mechanics or the law of leverage.

Concepts & Principles