Here you can read reviews of EBMAS (Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System) seminars, latest news and articles related to Wing Tzun and Latosa Escrima.

New UK Technician

December 8, 2013

During Sifu Emin's seminar in London held on the 8th of December, Manchester's instructor Si-hing George Eastham tested for the 1st Technician Level in Wing Tzun.

Higher levels reached

October 18, 2013

Sifu Darren Wilson and Si-hing Patrick Smith passed their 3rd Technician test during Sifu Emin Boztepe's seminar at Bangor Martial Arts Academy on the 18th od October.

Sifu Emin 2013 final visit

October 18, 2013

Probably the most busy man in the world right now, with his own training and filming in the star role for his latest movie "Panzehir" Sifu Emin Boztepe still manages to take time out of his mad schedule for all his EBMAS instructors and students all over the world.

Instructors Advance

June 30, 2013

Sifu's Terry Garrick and Mark Carson travelled with some of their UK & Ireland students to join other instructors and students from different countries for intensive training at one of EBMAS Summer camps held in Malta. The summer camp consisted of 5 day of training in Wing Tzun & Latosa Escrima lead…

Sifu Frank 2013 Tour

June 9, 2013

Over 4 days Sifu Frank held small group privates with instructors and visited 3 schools to share his teachings and years of experience in Wing Tzun Kung Fu. The Seminars started in Bangor Martial Arts Academy (N.Ireland) then Kung Fu Dublin Martial Arts School (Ireland) and finally Harrogate Self-de…

Student & Instructor ranking model

May 20, 2012

EBMAS and all WT variants use the k-12 and University model for student and instructor ranking. Students earn 12 grades and then progress into college levels. This is exactly the way public and private schools organize their student body as well. Ancient societies may have used belts or sashes for r…

Traditional Wing Tzun?

May 13, 2012

Wing Tzun was created by a woman for one simple reason: to help her to defend herself against anyone trying to harm her and to give her an equal chance against bigger, stronger opponents. In those times, there already were many styles that offered protection via self-defense techniques and most of t…

Sifu Emin Seminar review

November 25, 2011

On the back of the successful 10 year anniversary of EBMAS summer camp held in Turkey and 2012 quickly approaching Sifu Emin arrived full of energy and ready to deliver his greatly anticipated Wing Tzun seminars to his UK & Ireland students. The first seminar was held at Bangor Martial Arts Academy …

Return of Master Frank Kohlhase

July 28, 2011

For over 2 years EBMAS UK & Ireland have been missing a great friend and influential teacher in the form of Sifu Frank Kohlhase. During the last weekend of August 2011 this void was filled with two seminar hosted by Sifu Frank in Harrogate and Bangor. For EBMAS Harrogate this was the first time Sifu…

Mark Carson returns a Sifu

July 24, 2011

Si-hing Mark Carson form Bangor Martial Arts Academy in Northern Ireland travelled to Antalya, Turkey in July 2011 to attend a special event in EBMAS (Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System) history. This event was a two weeks summer camp to celebrate 10 successful years of EBMAS.

Emin Boztepe: Scientific Wing Tzun

July 20, 2011

Many Wing Tzun people boast about how scientific their art is, but in reality they are only teaching the movements of system without fully understanding the science behind them. Let’s look at the basic concepts in physics like energy and power. Many Wing Tzun people say that the art was created by …

Sifu Emins final visit of 2010

November 26, 2010

Worldwide Chief Instructor Dai-Sifu (Master) Emin Boztepe, head of the international Emin Boztepe Martial Arts Systems (EBMAS) organization took the time to fly in from the USA to visit his UK and Ireland instructors & students of EBMAS Wing Tzun Kung Fu and his UK and Ireland instructors Sifu Terry…

New Master of Wing Tzun visits

November 7, 2009

New Master of Wing Tzun Sifu Oliver Becker of Emin Boztepe Martial Arts system (EBMAS) organization recently took time from his busy schedule to fly in from Germany to meet with the UK & Ireland chief instructors Sifu Terry Garrick (England), Si-hing's Mark Carson & Darren Wilson (N.Ireland) and Eug…

First EBMAS Masters

August 31, 2009

At this year's summer camp's several Sifu's tested with Dai-Sifu Emin and after examination in a several tough hours in different categories they passed and advanced to 'Master of Wing Tzun Kung Fu. Wearing now proudly their Master Wing Tzun Kung Fu Uniforms. The test consisted from explanations abo…

Wing Tzun's Devastating Long Pole

May 25, 2008

Today there are a multitude of books and videos for sale by different teachers, each claiming to show the original long pole form that was passed down by the late Grandmaster Yip Man. Oddly enough, no two versions look the same! This leaves the observer to wonder which one is the true form taught by…

Master from Germany visits Ireland

May 9, 2008

An exciting week for the instructors and students of Bangor's Wing Tzun club as Sifu Frank Kohlhase from Kassel, Germany visited to hold seminars in both, the North and South of Ireland. The goal was to further educate and to test members for their grades in the Wing Tzun system. Sifu Frank Kohlhase…

Sifu Oliver a New Friend

January 9, 2008

A new year, and a new friend. On the 5th of January Sifu Terry Garrick and Si-hing Darren Wilson travelled to Germany to train with Sifu Oliver Becker with the goal to get more knowledge on the teaching structure for Latosa Weapon System (Escrima) taught within EBMAS by Grandmaster Rene Latosa.

3 Years of EBMAS UK & Ireland

November 2, 2007

This November saw the 3 year anniversary for Bangor's Wing Tzun club being apart of the International Martial Arts organization EBMAS. To mark the occasion Chief Instructor, Founder and world renowned Wing Tzun Master Sifu Emin Boztepe held a seminar and grading for his loyal students and instructor…

Harrogate Summer camp

August 12, 2007

All over the world EBMAS Chief Instructors, Grandmaster Rene Latosa and Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe hold summer camps consisting of 8 hours a day (4hrs Wing Tzun and 4hrs Latosa Weapon System) of intense learning and training for 5 days. Last week 2 local Bangor Instructors and 5 of their students travell…

Sifu Frank Ireland visit

May 18, 2007

Sifu Frank took time apart from his full-time school in Kassel, Germany to spent fours days in Ireland which saw him hold two 4hr seminars north (Bangor) and south (Dublin) of the border and several Instructor lessons were Instructors from England travelled specially to attend.

Return of the Master

April 27, 2007

Chief Instructor of EBMAS Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe held a 4hr Wing Tzun seminar and grading in Bangor, during his UK and Ireland seminar tour. This was Sifu Emin's fourth seminar in Bangor and was very happy to return and was very happy to see so many familiar faces still training hard. He was especial…

Sifu rewards for hard work

February 9, 2007

Dai-Sifu Emin demonstrated the powerful and explosive footwork used in Wing Tzun before drilling the students in situations in which the footwork would be applied to defend against an attacker. Dai-Sifu Emin also explained in depth the scientific concepts used in the Wing Tzun system so that student…

Siu-Nim-Tao form

November 13, 2006

Siu-Nim-Tao means 'Little idea' the form is diviided into eight sets. In EBMAS Siu-Nim-Tao is used two ways, as a cataloge for the techniques and as a reference point for self correction.

Dublin Summer camp

July 30, 2006

From the 26th to the 30th July Ireland held it's first EBMAS summer camp with Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe. The summer camp consisted of 8hrs a day, for 5 days intense training and teachings in Wing Tzun and Latosa Weapon System. A large group of both students and Instructors, of all ages and sizes, from N…

Seminar with Sifu Emin

June 4, 2006

On the 3rd of June Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe arrived in Northern Ireland to hold two days of seminars. The 1st seminar was held in Si-hing Paul Mckeown's club in Newry were Dai-Sifu Emin educated the students on the Siu-Nim-Tau applications sets 1-8. Simultaneously Dai-Sifu explained and enlightened the…

Sifu Frank achieves 4th Technician

May 31, 2006

Sifu Frank Kohlhase a student of Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe since 1981 has been awarded his 4th Technician degree in Wing Tzun. Since the joining of Ireland with EBMAS in November 2004 Sifu Frank has travelled to Ireland to give seminars to Irelands students and instructors. Sifu Frank first met the Irel…

Physiology of Stress

March 21, 2006

The major difference between organic and inorganic systems is the self-perseverance instinct. The world is an ever changing environment, demanding abilities of reacting, defending oneself, changing the inner or outer surrounding for one single aim: survival. Hence, when an animal is confronted with …

Wing Tzun Kicks

February 8, 2006

There are different kicks in different martial arts. Often I encounter the following scenario: Somebody comes into my school and tells me they want to learn the hand techniques of Wing Tzun. They say combined with the kicks they leaned in another martial art, thrown in with some grappling, they will…

Sifu Frank Seminars

February 3, 2006

Sifu Frank Kohlhase 3rd Technician Level EBMAS Wing Tzun visited Ireland from Kassel Germany for the second time to deliver two 4hrs seminars. The first of the seminars where held in Newry for Instructor Si-Hing Paul Mckeown student's to meet Sifu Frank for the first time.

EBMAS Self Defense for Women

January 21, 2006

What can I say to convince people to care about personal protection through self-defense? I have always found it interesting that the general public will invest in to other forms of protection or security that will probably never be needed or used? Here are some good examples: Flood Insurance, Earth…

Self Defense Concepts

January 21, 2006

Most people when they think of serious self-defense for their home and family think of acquiring a gun. The logic of such an acquisition is compelling; simplicity, easy of use, firepower and the finality of results. The role of guns in our history is profound and historically well documented. 'The r…

Another Grade Achieved

November 24, 2005

During Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe's Wing Tzun seminar in Dublin he tested two of Si-Hing Paul McKeown's students David McDonnell and Casey Morgan for their 3rd student level. After the 4hr seminar concluded Dai-Sifu was proud to reward them for their hard work and grant them the certificate for 3rd stude…

Dai-Si-hing Terry is Rewarded

September 16, 2005

After 4 days of intense training seminars and private lessons, Dai-Si-hing Terry was rewarded by Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe his 2nd Technician Level in Wing Tzun. All of Dai-Si-hing Terry's students from Harrogate and instructors from Ireland and Scotland were behind him all the way and are very proud!

First Sifu's in Spain

August 28, 2005

On the last day of the Spain summer camp in Malaga held by Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe and Grandmaster Rene Latosa, Dai-Si-Hing's Miguel Angel Rama Lerma and Jesus Carballo Hernanao received there Sifu titles. This was a historic event for Spain and EBMAS as Miguel and Jesus are the first two instructors …

Sifu Emin's 1st tour of EBMAS UK & Ireland

June 23, 2005

In Bangor Leisure Centre, Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe delivered a four hour in-depth explanation and demonstration of the scientific martial art system Wing Tzun / Wing Chun. A large group of both students and Instructors, of all ages and sizes, attended to learn, from a more than willing teacher. Using h…

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