3 Years of EBMAS UK & Ireland

November 02, 2007 at 7:49 PM

This November saw the 3 year anniversary for Bangor's Wing Tzun club being apart of the International Martial Arts organization EBMAS. To mark the occasion Chief Instructor, Founder and world renowned Wing Tzun Master Sifu Emin Boztepe held a seminar and grading for his loyal students and instructors in Bangor.

Sifu Emin explained in-depth the theories and concepts of the Wing Tzun system. He said 'Wing Tzun was created by Taoist Priestess Ng Mui over 300 years ago, and through history we know that religious figures where the scientists and educators of the people, because of this we know she was a women with high degree of knowledge this meant she knew all about the anatomy of the body, mathematics, geometry and physics. Ng Mui used her knowledge of science to create the Wing Tzun system, and this is what makes EBMAS different from other martial arts. Every student and instructor is taught the science behind the concepts and techniques so that they understand the theory of the movements and are not just robots practicing techniques at random or because some instructor with a black belt tells you to do it this way!'

Sifu Emin continued 'Now that you have the theory and understanding, it is up to you the do the hard work by putting the knowledge I have taught you and put it into practice, otherwise the knowledge is useless. You must apply the knowledge to the techniques and sweat. This is something I cannot do for you, only you can do that!'

During the seminar Sifu Emin watched with a keen eye over the students as they practiced the specially designed EBMAS training programs that they had been training over the last several months. At the end of the seminar Sifu Emin rewarded new students: Miles Hastings, Stuart Compton, Mark Scott, and David Maginness with their 1st student level. He also rewarded Mark Conn and Alastair Black with their 3rd & 4th level and Ben Gallagher received his 5th level. Finally Sifu Emin was especially happy to reward two of the longest most dedicated students in the Bangor club, David Lyons and Patrick Smith with their 11th student level.

Sifu Emin finished the seminar by saying 'The standard of the students now in Ireland has improved dramatically, and this is not only down to the individual practice of each student, but also to the hard work, understandings and teachings of the local Instructors Si-Hings Mark Carson & Darren Wilson.


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