EBMAS Self Defense for Women

January 21, 2006 at 9:18 PM

Personal Empowerment

What can I say to convince people to care about personal protection through self-defense?

I have always found it interesting that the general public will invest in to other forms of protection or security that will probably never be needed or used? Here are some good examples: Flood Insurance, Earthquake Insurance, Renter's Insurance, Ect? All of these are all very important types of insurance's to have, but how many people are willing to invest into the insurance of Self-Defense training? Criminal assault is an intensely real risk, yet it is viewed as 'that will never happen to me'. Why? Have you or perhaps somebody you love ever been the victim of violence? Most people do not realize that the demoralization does not end with the physical encounter. It starts from the moment it occurs and continues on perhaps for several years or life?

Believe it or not, it is common for most people to believe that a 'well-delivered groin kick' will solve the whole situation. Or, that somebody from the crowd will come to your aid. The hard-featured truth is that a groin kick may not be all that is needed to handle the moment. Besides, people are more likely to turn their heads and walk away, rather then come to your defense when you're in trouble. Being a victim stays with you for life - in many ways, you will never be the same person again. The old saying is 'Our experiences shape who we are or become?' Nevertheless?. The aggressor is never too big, strong or intimidating that you don't have some defensive options.

Here are some reasons why you should care about personal protection:

  • If you are female, you are a target for certain types of predators.
  • Prevention is the best form of defense. (Be aware; don't get locked into bad situations.)
  • When / If prevention fails, your best chance is to fight back. (But you must know how ...)
  • EBMAS can teach you how!!!

There are many reasons why we teach a Ladies only self-defense course:

Women face the greatest danger from the people they know.

Approximately 1/3 of female Homicide or Attempted Homicide victims are injured or killed by their Husbands or Boyfriends.

Somebody they know is responsible for and assaults 89% of female rape or attempted rape victims. With out a doubt, ladies bodies are quite different from men's. EBMAS Wing Tzun utilizes methods specifically designed to extenuate women's strengths.

Women generally are attacked with the purpose of rape; this gives the antagonist a feeling of empowerment as he attempts to demoralize his victim. Since sex is one of the main objectives (however not the gratification), the fight will generally go to the ground and or involve a pin. Another reason why women are singled out is that they are perceived as the physically weaker sex, and less expected to fight back when attacked. It's perceptions like this that will yield the needed element of surprise. The surprise may be that distinct advantage you need to remove yourself from harms way.

Myth: Many women have been told that if they resist an attack, they will make it worse on themselves and encourage their attacker to escalate the assault.

This myth is accountable for more endangerment to women then any other out there. The fact is, nobody should ever be discouraged from educating themselves in the very methods that may someday save their lives. It has been proven that females can effectively resist an assailant and are just as adept to using verbal and / or physical methods. Ranging from physical confrontation, to simply running away or using firm verbal commands drawing attention to them. Using these simple concepts, you have a much greater chance of avoiding injury or rape then those who don't.

Fact: Women who use strategies of self-defense have an 80% better chance of escaping an attempted assault.

Crime statistics: WHO CARES- Really??

Does it really matter if your assault is 'one in a thousand' or 'one in a hundred'? Bottom line, when / if it happens to you, you will care. I have found that crime statistics are mainly used by Martial Arts Instructors for 'scare tactics' into joining their schools 'that you either are or aren't likely to be a victim'. Yes, they do have their place for measuring the physical assaults within our communities. In contrast, the only time most people care about statistics is when it happens to you. EBMAS (Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System) is not in the business of frightening anybody. Quite the contrary, in our approach to personal protection we are as honest as possible about self-defense, we believe that every person should know that society has 'bad Apples' (antagonists) are out there, and know that there is education that can help to diffuse the situation. Whether it's using voice commands or hands on, something is always better then nothing. 'Silence is not always Golden'. Nevertheless, if you would still like more statistical information local crisis centers, law enforcement agencies will be able to provide all of the necessary static information you desire. EBMAS is expert in Self-Defense, not statistics. Use the appropriate expert for the appropriate application.

Non-Physical options:

  • Noise Makers
  • Stun Guns
  • Fire arms
  • Pepper Spray (AKA: Cap Spray)

All are good options; yet most of these options you must be close enough to use them and still require some training to ensure that they perform their prescribed duties. More often then not; these types of defenses implant some 'false confidences', and are usually taken away and are used against the defender. Don't get caught up in these false confidences!!! Who would deliberately victimize themselves?

In EBMAS, we believe in personal preservation first and foremost! We believe that hesitation at crucial moments can do a body more harm then good. Accordingly, we train our students to mentally measure out their comfort zones, as soon as the 'zone' has been 'broken' we move in with an unyielding attack. The ability to deliver strong, well placed and intense strikes to the attacker's vulnerable area is as an important piece of self defense, just as important as it is to look both ways before pulling into an intersection with your vehicle. Use simple and effective decision making process to evaluate the situation. When the moment of confrontation arrives, you will not have the luxury of time - less is definitely more in this scenario. This holds true to the qualities of any 'good Martial Art style'. The fewer decision making processes and the simpler the motions - the more successful you will be. In the heat of the moment you will simply have to react to your opponent's aggressive state. The thought of trying to pull off some ultra complicated (but cool looking) movement against somebody bigger and/or stronger then you are is just simply unthinkable. We hold true the concept of a straight defense with a strong offense. This could be anything from firm verbal commands to getting physical. Most people who attempt Martial Arts quickly become 'disenchanted' when they see how much hard work required or how complex their perspective art may be. Maybe they are too weak, too big or too old to perform this new art with some kind of excellence.

This is where EBMAS Wing Tzun really shines. Wing Tzun is one of the only martial Arts originally created by women to defeat men. The entire system teaches a straightforward, non-strength-oriented approach to self-defense. The phrase 'use their strength against them' is thrown around way too much in the Martial Arts world today. In fact, most arts require quite a bit of strength and/or superior physical conditioning to perform them. Keep in mind, that there is no art or form of protection that can guarantee you 100% protection from an attacker. Therefore, the ideal system for Women (and Men) should at least provide a reasonable chance against an opponent that is bigger, stronger, armed, and unarmed assailant at close range. As I illustrate to my students 'be formidable - not invincible'. Not only is this realistic, but no false confidences are created.

For women, general size and strength differences aside, there are some very important elements to look for in a suitable self-defense style.

  • Is it simple to apply?
  • Will it work?
  • Do I need to be stronger or more fit then my opponent?
  • Does it matter if they attack: left or right handed? Kick or punch? Straight or angled? Tall or short? Ect....

Even the best Martial Arts system is only is good as it's user. The more techniques you have in your 'bag of tricks', the more decisions you will have to make. Each time you have to make these decisions, the second hand is ticking? TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK? Less is more. Why would anybody want to make all of these decisions when all you want to do is defend yourself? EBMAS Wing Tzun trains it's students to deal with as many different styles, shapes, sizes and strengths with as few moves as possible. Sensibly eliminating the decision making process that waists precious time and increasing your chance for escape.

One of the truly unique aspects to EBMAS Wing Tzun is that it utilizes the same concepts in all five ranges of combat. This is truly a revolutionary concept, what makes this so unique is that there are no strategy changes as your opponent gets closer to you or if you go to the ground. We recognize the five distances of combat as follows:

  1. Kicking
  2. Punching
  3. Elbows / Knees
  4. Throwing
  5. Grappling

The ranges most common in female assault are Punching/Slapping, Throwing and Grappling.

Note: Punching and Slapping are in the same distance range.As stated earlier, 'for women the fight will often go to the ground and result in a pin'. Here are some of the chains of events that could get you there.

  1. Verbal Escalation
  2. Slapping / Punching
  3. Grabbing / Controlling / Take down
  4. Pinning / Wrestling / Cloths Tearing

You will note that I added Verbal Escalation to the events, technically this should be considered a range of conflict not combat. However, it is quite important to note it as an intimidation as a major tool of the antagonist.

Here are some possible answers to these chains of events.

Verbal Escalation: Be verbal back in a firm confident tone. This will demonstrate your confidence in yourself that you will not be intimidated. It also draws attention to your situation and may cause the would be attacker to flee.

Slapping / Punching: We are now past verbalizing and are now physical. Do not let that person cross your comfort zone! Here is a good rule of thumb on how wide that zone should be. 'If you can touch that person, they can touch you too'. So magnetically you will be either drawn to (hitting) the other person or repelled away (running from / evading). In EBMAS we generally will prescribe to move forward and attack on a straight line, in effect to create a role reversal.

Temporarily turn into the attacker instead of remaining the victim. There is an old saying 'the best defense is a good offense'. These one or two hits may be all of the distraction you need to run away.

Grabbing / Controlling / Take down: Attackers generally like to grab and control. One, it makes them feel superior because being controlled is demoralizing and two it's a tool to get them to their ultimate goal - sex. Forced sex is the ultimate in demoralization! Generally when somebody is grabbing to control, they place both of their weapons on your one. Example: Grabbing you arm with both hands as you try to escape. This is a prime opportunity for you to hit. As his two are occupied controlling your one, your other hand and legs are free, so kick and punch like there is no tomorrow. Become as painful as possible for him to hold on to. I equate it to trying to hug a porcupine. It just hurts!

Pinning / Wrestling / Cloths Tearing: Last Range once you are hear - you've got a real fight on your hands. Unfortunately for Women, this is a very precarious place to be as almost any position can be an insertion position. So, be on your best defense!!! Again, he will be trying to control one or more of your limbs so keep hitting. Every time he draws back to strike you, hit him while he creates the opening. Be sure that you try to connect on a straight line if possible and use the simplest technique possible. There is no margin for error here.

In any of these ranges do not try any prearranged movements. How can you know what he's thinking or going to do? EBMAS Wing Tzun adapts to the situation. The attacker will dictate the response he receives, as he moves in to punch you - kick him. As he tries to grab you - punch and kick. Try your best to keep that person from achieving a position that their weight can become a dominant factor. Most Women (or Men) can't bench press a 190lbs man off of themselves. But, if you do go to the ground - keep punching, elbows, kick his knees out from under him as he tries to balance himself, yell, scream do what ever it takes to get out!!!

Some of the things we teach to all beginner students are to move swiftly on a straight line and connect the bridge to the opponent as quickly as possible with unyielding follow up attacks. This does many things:

  1. It takes away your attacker's ability to attack, as he will now be defending.
  2. It's the simplest movement and concepts. What could be simpler? Move forward and hit! Not to say be foolish and get knocked out when you enter. But, to seize the crucial moment of opportunity when it appears. Timing is key.

Another one of the cornerstone training methods of EBMAS Wing Tzun's training programs it's sensitivity training for the arms and legs. We call these methods Chi-Sau and Chi-Gerk. These methods are specifically designed to implant responses within the limbs, creating sensitivity to pressure, strength, direction, and touch. These are absolutely crucial in your development of self-defense. They teach you how to give way to greater force while keeping your structure pointed at the enemy. Protecting you from his attack and allow you to hit through the window you just created through the physics of nature. In other words, simultaneous attack and defense. We do not seek to redirect or block as that would mean that we are defending all of the time or chasing our opponent's limbs verses what is controlling them. When something gets in the way of our attack, it must first intercept our structure. If it is not possible to continue forward because the force is too great, we will go around it or direct it (not re-direct) then continue forward with the use of passive energy. Our goal is to connect out straight line and hit. This is a very important point for women. The concept of hitting, or directing your opponent with your structure if the force it too great to hit again while concealing behind your limbs is crucial. It ensures that you are kept out of harms way until you can reach a safe distance and run away. These concepts do not change with the use of hands or feet. Although we use the terms 'Chi-Sau' (Clinging Arms - commonly known as 'sticky hands') or 'Chi-Gerk'(Clinging legs), the linking term is 'Chi' otherwise can be translated as 'Energy'. Both concepts are designed to utilize the force of your opponent's force after they come into contact with either your arms or legs before contact you would just hit as nothing is in your way. The 'Energy' concepts are applied in similar fashion. Keep in mind that both the arms and legs have the same number of gross joints:

  • Hips / shoulders
  • Elbows / knees
  • Ankles / wrists
  • Knuckles

All of the above twist and rotate in similar fashion to their respective counterparts, so why should there be two different concepts for the same gross movements? That would be highly illogical and the opposite of all of the EBMAS concepts of economy of motion. Here again, less is definitely more because we use simple concepts and simple movements to achieve our goals.

The misconceptions about using Chi-Sau or Chi-Gerk in a fighting mode is: 'that is all you do'. Totally incorrect!!! They are simply tools to use for Bridging or yielding to greater forces to return to hitting, if there is not physical contact you would simply hit. Otherwise they could lend themselves to the idea that we are completely passive to our attacker's energy, when in fact we are very active. To restate 'in EBMAS Wing Tzun we believe in personal protection first and foremost'. We will do what is necessary to disburse the situation in the shortest time and the most physically efficient manor possible, then escape with our health in tact and more importantly - our life. For ladies, who are generally smaller and not as physically strong this is key. As trading blows for a sustained length of time is not an option.

So I submit to you again:

What can I say to convince people to care about personal protection through self-defense??

WT by Women for Women ? against Men!


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