New Master of Wing Tzun visits

November 07, 2009 at 7:37 PM

New Master of Wing Tzun Sifu Oliver Becker of Emin Boztepe Martial Arts system (EBMAS) organization recently took time from his busy schedule to fly in from Germany to meet with the UK & Ireland chief instructors Sifu Terry Garrick (England), Si-hing's Mark Carson & Darren Wilson (N.Ireland) and Eugene Murphy (Ireland) and their students to hold a four hour intensive grading seminar.

Sifu Oliver Becker started his martial arts career in 1979. In 1980 he trained Wing Chun Kung Fu at the Chinese Masters Academy. In 1986 he met Sifu Emin Boztepe head of EBMAS on a familiar course and became his pupil in Wing Tzun and Latosa Escrima.

Since then Sifu Oliver has achieved the high proficient level in Wing Tzun holding the 5th Practitioner Master level and 2nd Technician level in Latosa Weapon System. Only a hand full of Instructors in EBMAS have reached this high level, so it was a great honour that he travelled to Ireland to share his knowledge and experience.

At the seminar Sifu Oliver explained that the techniques in the Wing Tzun system are scientific and do not rely on strength and fitness. However training on a regular and consistent basis with the EBMAS training programs will achieve a high level of physical fitness.

He continued: 'Self-Defense' is not the correct term to be used for Wing Tzun 'Self-Offense' is a better way to describe the system. When being attacked by an aggressor , if you decide to block their attack you need to have perfect timing and need to be stronger than you attacker.

Sifu Oliver then asked – Even if you do succeed in blocking the attack, what have you gained? Nothing, except giving an opportunity for an aggressor to attack you again. This is the problem with the term 'Self-Defense'.

In Wing Tzun, when an aggressor attacks, a Wing Tzun person will push their arms forward in a way to create a wedge so as to deflect the on-coming attack and strike the aggressor simultaneously hence 'Self- Offense'.

Now what have you gained? You have put the aggressor on the back foot and gained every chance to defend yourself successfully by continuing to crash the aggressor with your Wing Tzun attacks.

Before Sifu Oliver assessed the students' progression on the EBMAS training programs, he demonstrated to everybody some of the EBMAS Wing Tzun 'Self-Offense' techniques and assigned time for everyone to practice the effectiveness of the system. He continued to show that Wing Tzun is a complete system and how there is no cross-training as in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He continued by taking drills and techniques onto the ground onto various situations.

At the end of the seminar Sifu Oliver congratulated everyone who tested on their dedication and commitment. He added that there is no doubt that with focus and determination and correct practice, great things can be accomplished.

Students who passed and received their certification:

  • Richard Cregan 1st
  • Geoff Compton 2nd
  • Norman Scrange 2nd
  • Ben Allen 3rd
  • Holy Mayne 3rd
  • Mark Compton 4th
  • Colin Burgess 7th
  • Eddie Hedley 8th

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