Return of Master Frank Kohlhase

July 28, 2011 at 7:35 PM

For over 2 years EBMAS UK & Ireland have been missing a great friend and influential teacher in the form of Sifu Frank Kohlhase. During the last weekend of August 2011 this void was filled with two seminar hosted by Sifu Frank in Harrogate and Bangor.

For EBMAS Harrogate this was the first time Sifu Frank had ever visited, so the mood and energy between the students was high with anticipation, at Bangor Martial Arts Academy the excitement of seeing and old friend return was amazing.

Once Sifu Frank arrived at the venue for the seminar everyone welcomed him with open arms and friendly chat. Once everyone and everything had settled Sifu Frank started the 4hr Wing Tzun seminar.

Sifu Frank started the seminar traditionally with the Siu-Nim-Tao form performing the movements slowly and softly. Sifu Frank explained performing the form like this gives your body a chance to feel how the movements are performed. If you rush it then how can your body understand which joints and muscles are being used to execute and support the movements? If you perform it fast and powerful then only the mind understands so you become ridge it, we are not just minds we are also body like Ying and Yang one cannot be without the other!

After more explanations and demonstrations of the Siu-Nim-Tao form Sifu Frank took the students through some Wing Tzun aerobics with the Heun-bo, Circle steps, Yap Gerk kick and advancing steps as a warm up. During the aerobics Sifu Frank made corrections to student's movements to make them more efficient and in line with the Wing Tzun's concepts and principles.

Using the first Wing Tzun principle: "If the way is free the strike!" Sifu Frank demonstrated how this is applied against a straight punch, and how to press home your chain punches whether you are on the outside or inside of the attackers punching arm. Once the students had practiced these teachings Sifu Frank challenged them to think about how they can move in different ways as the situation calls for. Imagine if you did not have the use of your arms only your elbows...? Sifu Frank then demonstrated how the Wing Tzun's devastating Lan-sao Elbows techniques can cause just as much if not more than a simple punch can.

After a short break Sifu Frank split the students up into the levels so he could test the members grading and make any corrections.

Members that tested at the seminar were:

  • Stephen Gilkenson 1st & 2nd
  • Geoff Compton 6th
  • Norman Scranage 6th
  • Don Robinson 6th
  • Richard Cregan 6th
  • Holly Mayne 6th
  • Ben Allen 7th

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