Sifu Emin 2013 final visit

October 18, 2013 at 10:00 PM

Probably the most busy man in the world right now, with his own training and filming in the star role for his latest movie "Panzehir" Sifu Emin Boztepe still manages to take time out of his mad schedule for all his EBMAS instructors and students all over the world.

This time it was for his UK & Ireland members to deliver 2 seminars in Bangor Martial Arts Academy (N.I) and Harrogate Self-Defence & Fitness Academy (ENG).

Arriving from a long flight from Istanbul straight from filming on set, Sifu Emin was excited to see everyone that came to continue their Wing Tzun & Escrima education for the final time in 2013.

After greeting everyone personally the seminar began with pain and sweat.

He explained.

"In the past I have practiced many different arts but no matter which art I trained whether it was boxing, wrestling, Wing Tzun or Escrima, I would give 100% every time I trained."

He Continued.

"At seminars I would grab everybody one at a time and train until they couldn't train with me anymore!"

"That is the secret to martial arts! Not in the amount of programs or techniques you know, but in the countless hours of practice you have put in over the years"

"Give 100% every second."

"When I left previous organisations my instructors tried to take my titles, levels, means of income, achievements away and even friends! The one thing they could not take away from me was my years and years of sweating. That is why EBMAS is still growing and the other organisations are shrinking. I train even harder than my students. I don't get lazy and let my students catch up with me. That's why EBMAS may not be the biggest worldwide, but we have the best students and instructors because we sweat!"

After a quick water break Sifu Emin concentrated on the Dan-Chi (single sticking arm) programs. The programs are designed to allow a student to train techniques through pressure given from the partners attacking arm.

Sifu Emin demonstrated using a single arm in the Dan-chi Programs allows a student to concentrate on that single arm instead of both simultaneously. The advantage of this means when you bring a second arm into the later Chi-Sao (double arm sticking) programs the techniques have been implanted into both arms already so each arm can react independently, so it is just a case of coordination when it comes to the double arm exercise.

Sifu Emin explained because we are not using the second arm to attack or defend, doesn't mean it is useless in Dan-chi. The second arm can be used as a tool to check or correct the Wing Tzun footwork.

When your partner counter attacks, your defensive movement and footwork must get you into a position where you are not on the partners centreline but still maintaining they are on yours. Also you are at a distance to be able to strike with the second hand. If the second hand cannot strike then you have moved backwards and given your partner the distance and opportunity to attack again.

After mixing attacks from the 5 Dan-chi programs in EBMAS and more sweat, Sifu Emin allowed a short break.

In the second half of the seminar Everyone split into groups according to their level so Sifu Emin could explain what was contained within their training programs.

During that time Sifu Emin kept a close eye on the members at the seminar that were testing to receive the certification to confirm that they knew and could perform the programs for that level.

Particular attention was on Sifu Darren Wilson and Si-hing's Paddy Smith, Ash Hill and Paul Hugh. who were alltesting for Technician levels.

For Si-hing's Ash and Paul this was their graduation day in Wing Tzun, after years of practice they had previously completed the 12 student programs and had begun their Technician training for the higher Chi-sao sections.

For the 1st Technician they had to show a that that they could perform and understand the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Chi-sao sections, which consisted of Anti-locking, Fak-sao's and simultaneous double attacks and defences.

For Sifu Darren and Si-hing Paddy the 3rd Technician program consists of 5 Chi-sao sections based on the Biu-Tze (Finger Thrusting) Form.

Each candidate had trained each section for 4 months practicing cycles, drills and applications for fighting from within each section.

At the end of each seminar Sifu Emin happy to reward the students testing with their certificates

In Bangor Sifu Emin was proud to reward Sifu Darren and Si-hing Paddy for their training with the 3rd Technician Level in Wing Tzun Kung Fu Certificate.

In Harrogate Sifu Emin welcomed with great pride Si-hing's Ash and Paul into the Technician levels after their hard work trust and loyalty to Sifu Emin and EBMAS.

Successfully tested were:

  • Pierre Grant | Manchester | 1st Student Level Wing Tzun
  • Alex Colbeck | Harrogate | 1st Student Level Wing Tzun
  • Joakim Hultberg | Bangor | 1st & 2nd Student Level Latosa Escrima
  • Phil Kilbride | Harrogate | 2nd Student Level Wing Tzun
  • John Guinness | Bangor | 2nd Student Level Wing Tzun
  • Leah Rodriguez | London | 3rd Student Level Wing Tzun
  • George Norrision | London | 5th Student Level Wing Tzun
  • Mike Robb | Harrogate | 8th Student Level Wing Tzun
  • Paul Nichols | Harrogate | 8th Student Level Wing Tzun
  • Michael Toh | Bangor | 9th Student Level Wing Tzun
  • Raoul McLaughlin | Bangor | 9th Student Level Wing Tzun
  • Alan McCutcheon | Bangor | 9th Student Level Wing Tzun
  • Ben Allen | Bangor | 9th Student Level Wing Tzun
  • Chris Damsgaard | Denmark | 10th Student Level Wing Tzun
  • Nick Shifton | Harrogate | 12th Student Level Wing Tzun
  • Paul Hugh | 1st Technician Wing Tzun
  • Ash Hill | 1st Technician Wing Tzun
  • Patrick Smith | Bangor | 3rd Technician Wing Tzun
  • Sifu Darren Wilson | Bangor | 3rd Technician Wing Tzun

Sifu Emin thanked everybody who attended the seminars and the Instructors who organized them and was pleased with everyone's hard work since his last visit. He looks forward to returning in 2014 and continuing their EBMAS education.

Congratulations to everyone who tested your instructors are very proud!


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