Sifu Emin Seminar review

November 25, 2011 at 7:31 PM

On the back of the successful 10 year anniversary of EBMAS summer camp held in Turkey and 2012 quickly approaching Sifu Emin arrived full of energy and ready to deliver his greatly anticipated Wing Tzun seminars to his UK & Ireland students.

The first seminar was held at Bangor Martial Arts Academy in Ireland followed by a seminar the next day in Sifu Terry Garrick's new full-time premises in Harrogate.

Sifu Emin opened the seminars explaining that he was going to cover the topic of multiple attackers, and how in EBMAS teaches this topic. He started with a one on one exercise using the Wing Tzun out-fall step. The sample exercise was to develop speed in the footwork, as your partner stood very close in a confrontational manner he would throw a fast push of push. Sifu Emin explained how the footwork can be used as an emergency step to flank your partner avoiding the oncoming attack while simultaneously countering. After some practice Sifu Emin added a second attacker into the scenario forcing a second out-fall step as to flank both attackers. He continued by showing how other styles of Martial Arts would only train this strategy of flanking as not to end up in the middle or between attackers. In EBMAS we train this situation as we cannot be arrogant and say you will never be in the middle as you never know when it will happen in reality out on the street.

After including footwork from the Bart-Cham-Dao and Wooden Dummy Wing Tzun Forms to deal with multiple attackers Sifu Emin but pointed out the importance of having enough power in your punch to be able to knock out each attacker. To develop this power Sifu Emin used Focus Pad drills to mimic the multiple attacker scenarios and allow the students to put all their power into the punches. Watching the students train with the focus pads Sifu Emin made some corrections to the students movements, pointing out just because the emphasis of the drills are on power does not mean the importance of the footwork is to be ignored, if you do this then your balance will be gone and therefore so will the power in your punch!

Once each student was well and truly sweating Sifu Emin rewarded them with a break while calling on Si-hing Darren Wilson to deliver an essay he had wrote on the 3 main philosophies that influenced the development of Wing Tzun. The purpose of the speech was part of Si-hing Darren's test to become a 'Sifu of Wing Tzun' which is a great honour rewarded to an instructor showing his commitment to teaching Wing Tzun to EBMAS members. Sifu Emin explained the difference between a Sifu and a Si-hing is that you can have many Si-hing's (elder kung fu brother) but you can only ever have 1 Sifu (Father Teacher). Sifu Emin then announced that for this day onwards any student to learn from Darren would be his To-dai (student) making Darren their Sifu.

Continuing with the seminar Sifu Emin spilt the students into the levels to assess each of them on their progress with the EBMAS training. Sifu Emin wanted to test one student, Alastair Black greatly, as this was the day Alastair would test for his 1st Technician Level. Sifu Emin instructed Sifu Terry and Sifu Mark to train the Chi-sao sections 2, 3 & 4 then mix them and add in the 1st section.

At the end of the seminar Sifu Emin rewarded students:

  • Holly Mayne 7th Student Level
  • Tim Dougan 5th Student Level
  • Justyn Shea 9th Student Level
  • Nick Sefton 10th Student Level

Final Sifu Emin rewarded Alastair Black with his 1st Technician Level making his Si-hing's Sifu Mark and Sifu Darren very proud!

Both seminars were a great success and everyone cannot wait for Sifu Emin's return in 2012.


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