Sifu Emin's 1st tour of EBMAS UK & Ireland

June 23, 2005 at 7:30 PM

In Bangor Leisure Centre, Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe delivered a four hour in-depth explanation and demonstration of the scientific martial art system Wing Tzun / Wing Chun. A large group of both students and Instructors, of all ages and sizes, attended to learn, from a more than willing teacher. Using his wit and humour, students found it easy to warm to the world famous master of Wing Tzun and found the seminar excellent in every aspect from start to finish. Dai-Sifu Emin regards himself as a teacher, responsible for educating all of his students and encouraging them to think for themselves to produce strong individuals able to adapt to any situation and not be robots with set techniques. This is similar to the philosophy teachings of the legendary Bruce Lee.

Dai-Sifu Emin continued his teachings in Dublin, Edinburgh and Luton over the next three days accompanied by his committed Ireland instructors. At each seminar Dai-Sifu Emin explained how the Wing Tzun system is scientific using logic, mathematics, geometry, dynamics, laws of leverage, and physics making Wing Tzun a realistic self defence!

Dai-Sifu Emin was very impressed and happy with everyone that attended any of the UK seminars and will be back in September and will send other high ranking Instructors from EBMAS to share the knowledge of Wing Tzun / Wing Chun created by a Priestess (Ng Mui) more than 250 years ago in China.


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