Sifu Emins final visit of 2010

November 26, 2010 at 7:28 PM

Worldwide Chief Instructor Dai-Sifu (Master) Emin Boztepe, head of the international Emin Boztepe Martial Arts Systems (EBMAS) organization took the time to fly in from the USA to visit his UK and Ireland instructors & students of EBMAS Wing Tzun Kung Fu and his UK and Ireland instructors Sifu Terry Garrick and Si-hing's Darren Wilson and Mark Carson to hold a four hour intensive seminar and grading at Bangor Martial Arts Academy in Bangor and Harrogate.

Students attended to seize the opportunity to train with the great Master and to experience for themselves the explosive techniques that have established EBMAS as the leading international Wing Tzun system.

Sifu Emin started the seminar by explaining how powerful kicks can be from different style of martial arts like the low round house kicks from Mauy Thai & Kick boxing. Sifu Emin then demonstrated how simple these attacks can be neutralized using Wing Tzun scientific approach. After practicing intensively for a period of time Sifu Emin challenged everybody to work at different ranges against the kicks, whether it was a long range kick of a close range knee. For the close range knees Sifu Emin show the devastating Jum (Sinking Knee) & Gaun (Splitting Knee) Gerk leg techniques from the Bart-Cham-Dao (Cutting Double Knives) form. Sifu Emin explained the Bart-Cham-Dao is the last form taught in the Wing Tzun system although primarily a weapon form it also has footwork and leg techniques with in the form. In some Wing Tzun organisations they do not share this information with their students, keeping it hidden from them so they always seem untouchable to the student. He continued in EBMAS we are very open and this is why I am showing these techniques in the student levels and not waiting until the Master levels, loyalty and trust between myself and my students in EBMAS are most important to me, not dangling treats in front of their noses and requesting payments for them.

After more intensive drills, Sifu Emin sat everyone down to talk about the origin of Wing Tzun and its creator Ng Mui. Most Wing chun people always talk about Yim Wing Tzun who the system was named after by her husband after she passed away. Ng Mui was the creator and although we know she was a priestess, which gave her access to a lot of knowledge and science, to create a new fighting system. Many people forget she came from Shaolin and was a Grandmaster of the Five Shaolin Kung Fu styles. When Ng Mui created Wing Tzun she put elements from each of the Five Kung fu styles in Wing Tzun, like Tiger Kung Fu which uses very powerful strikes. He concluded remember Ng Mui never named to system she created, it was Yim Wing Tzun's husband in honour of his wife who had taught it to him. Ng Mui created Wing Tzun using science, so Wing Tzun kung fu is simply a scientific fighting system but into physical motion.

Sifu Emin then separated the students into their student levels and began testing them on the training material for each program.

The seminar proved to be hugely successful in which many students grading successfully and were rewarded as follows:

  • David Crawford and Barry Edgar received 1st and 2nd student level
  • Chris Dunn 1st, 2nd and 3rd student level
  • Ben Allen 5thstudent level
  • Holly Mayne 5th student level
  • Alastair Black 10th 11th & 12th student level
  • Colin Burgess 8th student level

Also under pressure on the day were Instructors Si-hings Mark Carson and Darren Wilson and their To-dai Paddy Smith who both successfully graded to 2nd Technician Level, making them the highest ranked EBMAS Wing Tzun practitioners along with Sifu Terry Garrick in Harrogate in the entire UK & Ireland.

Sifu Emin extended his congratulations to students and instructors alike on their tremendous achievement and thanked everyone for their dedication and commitment.

Sifu Emin will return to EBMAS UK & Ireland in 2011 to give more seminars and grading and continue EBMAS UK & Ireland's Instructors training for the 3rd Technician in Wing Tzun Kung fu.


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