Sifu Frank 2013 Tour

June 09, 2013 at 2:05 PM

It had been 2 long years since Master of Wing Tzun and longest training student of Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe had held seminars in the UK & Ireland.

Over 4 days Sifu Frank held small group privates with instructors and visited 3 schools to share his teachings and years of experience in Wing Tzun Kung Fu. The Seminars started in Bangor Martial Arts Academy (N.Ireland) then Kung Fu Dublin Martial Arts School (Ireland) and finally Harrogate Self-defence Academy (England).

During the seminars and privates Sifu Frank started with simple fundamental training to warm up which consisted of footwork and punching. The goal was to coordinate the fast chain punches of Wing Tzun with the explosive footwork to create maximum power.

Sifu Frank demonstrated different scenarios in the first half of the seminar for everybody to train. The main exercise was the work against a 1-2 attack the boxing jab and a cross.

Sifu Frank explained in his mind he wants to apply the first Wing Tzun principle of 'If the Way is Free STRIKE'. When your partner steps forward to be in the correct range to strike, I step forward while simultaneously pushing my wedge (guard) forward.

If I am faster than my partner then I and deliver 2 fast punches and continue with my attacks using the 4th Principle 'Follow through and fill the Gaps'. But if I am slower or my wedge makes contact with the jab then I apply the 2nd principle 'Stick with what comes'. Meaning I do not withdraw my arm that has made contact with the jab.

Now the 3rd principle kicks in 'Give way to the greater force' this means instead of fighting against the pressure of the jab I allow it to turn my body using the pressure in my shoulder pushing me to the side using the 'Out Fall Step'. My 2nd arm applies the 1st principle independently from the other and strikes from the flank before my foot lands on the floor.

Sifu Frank explained by being on the flank I am now not in front of my partner so they cannot deliver the 2nd punch (the cross). If the cross is thrown before my punch strikes then I am not even there.

After giving time to practice Sifu Frank changed the attack to a Jab and low punch to incorporate the Wing Tzun Gaun-sau (Splitting Arms) technique. While demonstrating Sifu Frank explained because I am on the flank I don't really need the Gaun but I can apply it for control purposes.

Using the same footwork the attack changed to a hooking punch or Hay Maker and showed how when the range is very close punching can be very difficult. Therefore this is perfect time to use the Wing Tzun elbows. He said 'When using the elbow because it is bone you are striking with and it is very hard, this is like putting in a Knuckle Duster onto the fist. The impact is more solid and destructive.'

After a short break Sifu Frank started the 2nd half of the seminar to test anybody on their grades and to make corrections for others on their training program's. Sifu Frank spilt everybody into groups according to their levels to practice Dan-chi, Chi-Sao or the for instructors Biu-Tze Chi-Sao.

Sifu Frank spent time with everybody at the seminar giving them one to one time before ending the seminar and awarding the students that were testing with their next grade.

The students that tested where:

  • John Clarke - Dublin - 1st Student Grade
  • Lukasz Zyska - Dublin - 1st Student Grade
  • Jez Fennings - Harrogate - 1st Student Grade
  • Phil Kilbride - Harrogate - 1st Student Grade
  • Phil Tower - Manchester - 1st & 2nd Student Grade
  • Zayn Mughal - Manchester - 2nd Student Grade
  • Nathan Yarr - Bangor - 4th Student Grade
  • Joseph Dalton - Dublin - 4th Student Grade
  • David Crawford - Bangor - 6th Student Grade
  • Mike Robb - Harrogate - 7th Student Grade
  • Raoul McLaughlin - Bangor - 8th Student Grade
  • Ben Allen - Bangor - 8th Student Grade
  • Norman Scranage - Bangor - 8th Student Grade
  • Geoff Compton - Bangor - 8th Student Grade
  • George Eastham - Manchester - 10th Student Grade

Each school would like to say a special Thank you to Sifu Frank for taking time out of his busy schedule to travel to the UK & Ireland and sharing his vast knowledge and teachings. So from all the Instructors and students Thank You Sifu Frank we look forward to your next visit in 2014.


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