Sifu Frank achieves 4th Technician

May 31, 2006 at 7:26 PM

Sifu Frank Kohlhase a student of Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe since 1981 has been awarded his 4th Technician degree in Wing Tzun.

Since the joining of Ireland with EBMAS in November 2004 Sifu Frank has travelled to Ireland to give seminars to Irelands students and instructors.

Sifu Frank first met the Ireland instructors in Scotland during a weekend of seminars the same month Ireland joined EBMAS. From that moment on Sifu Frank has been a critical role in the development of Wing Tzun not just in Ireland but also in the UK.

Sifu Frank has been an amazing teacher and a great friend to all of us here in the UK and Ireland and is always welcome any time he wishes!

Sifu Frank's martial arts training and experience has spanned over 26 years.



  • First contact the combat haven and at the beginning with Taekwondo with coach H. Uestuen (European Taekwondo union - ETU)


  • Sifu Frank began at the end of 1981 with the European Wing Tsun organization (EWTO) training in Wing Tsun and Escrima with his Si-hing Emin Boztepe (Founder of EBMAS: Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System)


  • At the End of 1986 due to four years old service with the German Federal Armed Forces, WT break. Come by friends to the Hessen Kassel, trains amateur boxes with the KSV until 1988


  • Resumed training in the Wing Tsun, with Michael Griesel in Kassel


  • Assumption of the Kasseler Wing Tsun tradition school.
  • Further training and private instruction with my Si-hing Emin Boztepe, and in Germany, with Si-hing Turan Ataseven (Hanover). Seminars of the EWTO my Sifu K.R. Kernspecht.


  • 1st Technician degree in the Wing Tsun (EWTO)


  • Establishment of a new federation EBMAS (Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System) under which the arts Wing Tzun & Latosa Weapon System are united. Founding father Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe


  • 2nd Technician degree in Wing Tsun (EBMAS)


  • 3rd Technician degree in Wing Tzun (EBMAS)
  • Appointment the title of 'Sifu' (father teacher)


  • 4th Technician degree in Wing Tzun (EBMAS)


From all the Instructors and Students in Ireland and the UK Well Done....!


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