Sifu Frank Ireland visit

May 18, 2007 at 10:23 PM

Sifu Frank Kohlhase (4th Technician level), and one of the highest ranking teachers of the International Martial Arts organisation EBMAS, accepted an invitation from local Bangor Instructors Si-hing's Mark Carson and Darren Wilson to travel to Ireland in order to advance the knowledge of the students in the Wing Tzun system.

Sifu Frank took time apart from his full-time school in Kassel, Germany to spent fours days in Ireland which saw him hold two 4hr seminars north (Bangor) and south (Dublin) of the border and several Instructor lessons were Instructors from England travelled specially to attend.

Students advance

During the seminar in the Bangor school, Sifu Frank watched carefully over several students who were testing for their next grade. At the end of the seminar Sifu Frank was very happy to reward students 'Adam McGreedy' and 'Kiang An Pang' with their 1st Student level. 'Alistair Black' for his 2nd, Ben Gallagher for his 3rd and Eddie Hedley for his 6th.

Si-hing's Mark and Darren are very proud of their students obtaining the grades and will now start working with them to gain the level.

Sifu Frank has also accepted and invitation to return next year and may even be able to come to the UK week long summer camp being held in Harrogate with World Chief Instructors Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe (Wing Tzun) and Grandmaster Rene Latosa (Escrima).

Special thank you to Sifu Frank for taking the time off from teaching at his school in Germany, to travel to Ireland and educate us all further in Wing Tzun.

Secondly thank you to Dai-Si-hing Terry for coming over as well its always a pleasure to train with you.

Finally we would like to thank all the students and Instructors in Dublin, Newry and Bangor for attending the seminars. We are very happy you had an excellent time!


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