Sifu Oliver a New Friend

January 09, 2008 at 10:18 PM

A new year, and a new friend. On the 5th of January Sifu Terry Garrick and Si-hing Darren Wilson travelled to Germany to train with Sifu Oliver Becker with the goal to get more knowledge on the teaching structure for Latosa Weapon System (Escrima) taught within EBMAS by Grandmaster Rene Latosa.

Sifu Oliver Becker

Sifu Oliver Becker started his martial arts career in 1979. In 1980 he trained Wing Chun Kung Fu at the Chinese masters Academy. In 1986 he met Sifu Emin Boztepe on a familiar course and became his pupil in Wing Tzun and Latosa Escrima.

Since then Sifu Oliver has achieved the high proficient level in Wing Tzun holding the 4th Technician level and 1st Technician level in Latosa Weapon System. Only a hand full of Instructors in EBMAS have reached this high level, so it was a great honour that he excepted our request to train with him.

Latosa Weapon System Training

Each morning started with Escrima training. We began with the main strikes to warm up concentrating on our 'Balance' and 'Power'. Sifu Oliver then moved on to point footwork using the different angles and strikes, focusing on the many 'Distances' and how to bring your 'Power' to your strikes while still being in control of your 'Balance'.

The next stage of our training Sifu Oliver took us to the focus mitts. Here he showed us many drills that combined all the concepts used in the system.

Starting by striking empty handed we progressed to using the sticks then knifes.

Sifu Oliver explained "In Latosa Weapon System one of the concepts used is 'Transition' this is what you have just trained." He added. "To be able to change from empty hand to using a weapon and not change your movements or techniques is 'Transition'. They are the same...!"

Wing Tzun Training

After lunch and a couple of hours rest it was straight back into training. Sifu Oliver started with the Wing Tzun 6th Student level Chi-sao program.

After making a few corrections in our movements he showed us variations on the entry's that we had never seem before. Working on the new entry's made us understand the reason why coordination is the main goal and so important in the 6th program.

From the 6th we jumped straight in the 8th program where Sifu Oliver taught us excellent drills to work the program and how to mix the 8th program with the 6th & 7th.

On the second day Sifu Oliver demonstrated his Wing Tzun Anti-grappling and Street Defence programs. Starting from 1st distance (kicking) going to the 4th (throws & takedowns) and the 5th distance (Ground fighting).

Sifu Oliver educated us in multiple situations in dealing with all types of locks, chokes and mounts.

Where did the Time GO.....?!

Unfortunately our time in Germany was over, ten hours in two days.....?! It did not seen like it!

We could have training for another twenty hours, and Sifu Oliver would have had the arsenal to teach that and still have plenty left over!

We said our goodbyes and invited Sifu Oliver to travel to the UK & Ireland and hold seminars later on the in the year. Sifu Oliver replied "I would love too, I will put a request for this to happen with Sifu Emin"

On that happy note we departed for the train to get us to the airport.

Thank you Sifu Oliver

Finally we would like to say thank you to Sifu Oliver for his kind hospitably, time and friendship. We look forward to seeing you again very soon!


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