Intensive WT Class

Bangor Martial Arts Academy - 70A High Street, Bangor, BT20 5BD

Bangor Martial Arts Academy on the last Saturday of each month is holding an intensive Martial Arts class for 3hrs on special topics of the Wing Tzun Self-Defense system.

The intensive class is open to EBMAS Members and Non-Members.

Price List

  • Members: £12
  • Non-Members £20

EBMAS (Emin Boztepe Martial Arts System) Wing Tzun is authentic Chinese Kung-Fu that does not rely on size, strength, or toughness, as these factors are usually in favor of the attacker. Translated literally, Wing Tzun means "Internal Spring" Wing Tzun is also known as "Wing Tsun, Ving Chun, Wing Chun etc."

Wing Tzun is different from many of martial arts styles, such as Karate, Ju-Jitsu and Tae Kwon Do. These martial arts styles block first and then attack.

The training is customized according to your abilities. Whether you just want slow training or a more intense workout, EBMAS Wing Tzun will fit the bill and you will still get all the benefits out of it.

Am I too old or too unfit to start learning a Martial Art?

You are never too old or unfit to start anything in life so learning Martial Arts is no different. Each of our members are different from one another so whether they are young or old, Male or Female,tall or small; all our instructors realise that we each have different goals as to what we want to acheive form learning the art of Wing Tzun. Our classes are tailored to all ages and all levels of fitness.

What type of clothing should I wear to class?

While training we do not wear traditional Martial Arts clothing or train in our bare feet. The best clothing to wear is a pair of light trainers and a comfortable pair of loose fitting tracksuit trousers and a light comfoftable t-shirt.