Return of the Master

April 27, 2007 at 7:34 PM

Chief Instructor of EBMAS Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe held a 4hr Wing Tzun seminar and grading in Bangor, during his UK and Ireland seminar tour.

This was Sifu Emin's fourth seminar in Bangor and was very happy to return and was very happy to see so many familiar faces still training hard. He was especial happy to see Si-Hing Paul McKeown back at training keen as ever, after having taking a break for training due to injuries.

Student advance another level

Local students Mark Conn, John Hunter and Colin Burgess were rewarded for their hard and dedication training over the last few months by passing the 2nd Student Level and will now start training for the 3rd Student Level.

Local Instructor for the Bangor school Si-hing Darren Wilson received his 12th Instructor grade. Now Si-hing's Mark Carson and Darren Wilson will now start their training for their 1st Technician level at the summer camp held in Harrogate during August.


Congratulations to Mark Conn, John Hunter and Colin Burgess for passing the 2nd student level in Wing Tzun. We would also like to say congrats to all those over in Harrogate who graded.

Thank you

A special thank you to Sifu Emin for conducting an excellent and exciting seminar. Thank you to Dai-Si-hing for everything he done in Harrogate and London.


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