Harrogate Summer camp

August 12, 2007 at 7:40 PM

All over the world EBMAS Chief Instructors, Grandmaster Rene Latosa and Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe hold summer camps consisting of 8 hours a day (4hrs Wing Tzun and 4hrs Latosa Weapon System) of intense learning and training for 5 days. Last week 2 local Bangor Instructors and 5 of their students travelled to Harrogate, Leeds with fellow members from all over England, Scotland and Germany to attend the annual UK summer camp.

Throughout all 5 days Dai-Sifu Emin and Grandmaster Rene watched with a keen eye as their students trained hard to master, the specially designed EBMAS programs that they had been practicing with their regular instructors to pass their grading.

A new Sifu

At the end of the week Dai-Sifu Emin rewarded Si-hing Terry Garrick (Harrogate Instructor) with his Sifu (Teacher) title making him the first EBMAS Sifu in the UK and Ireland. Dai-Sifu Emin explained to everyone in attendance that many high ranking instructors do not receive this title from their Master, and it is a great honour to be rewarded this as it truly shows the instructors knowledge and understanding of how to teach and mould students in the Martial Arts.

Irelands 1st Wing Tzun Technician Levels

Bangor's Instructors Si-hing's Darren Wilson and Mark Carson where rewarded with their 1st Wing Tzun Technician level being the first EBMAS instructors in Ireland to be rewarded with this high level. Grandmaster Rene also rewarded Mark and Darren with their 3rd and 4th Escrima (stick fighting) student levels.

Bangor's students progress further

Students from the Bangor school that were rewarded by Grandmaster Rene and Dai-Sifu Emin where:

  • David Lyons 9th and 10th student level Wing Tzun and 3rd student level Escrima
  • Eddie Hedley 7th student level Wing Tzun and 3rd student level Escrima
  • Joanne Quirke 4th and 5th student level Wing Tzun and 3rd student level Escrima
  • Colin Burgess 4th and 5th student level Wing Tzun and 3rd student level Escrima
  • John Hunter 3rd student level in both Wing Tzun and Escrima

Grandmaster Rene and Dai-Sifu Emin where very happy with all the students and instructors that attended the 2007 summer camp and are hoping to hold the 2008 summer camp in Bangor.

On a last note

Grandmaster Rene, we would like to thank you for taking time out of you professional and family life to travel to the UK to share your teachings and experiences with us all. Your way of teaching the Latosa Weapon System and bringing out the answers from within us is extraordinary.

Thank you!

Sifu Emin, we would like to say once again how happy we were to attend this years summer camp in Harrogate. We all agree that the experience, information and teachings from yourself were excellent!

Thank you!

Sifu Terry, we would like to express are gratitude to you for organising the event and we all know how stressful it can be, and we cannot begin to let you know how much we all appreciated it!

Thank you!

Finally thank you to Grandmaster Rene for gracing us with your presents this year. Thank you Sifu Emin for your guidance over the last 4 years. Congratulations Dai Si-hing Terry on his Sifu title.

Once again thank you all..!


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