First EBMAS Masters

August 31, 2009 at 7:44 PM

At this year's summer camp's several Sifu's tested with Dai-Sifu Emin and after examination in a several tough hours in different categories they passed and advanced to 'Master of Wing Tzun Kung Fu.

Wearing now proudly their Master Wing Tzun Kung Fu Uniforms. The test consisted from explanations about the history, the importance and for the training of the Wooden Dummy and Wooden Dummy Chi-Sao. Emphasis was also set with the practical part of the Wooden Dummy Chi Sao & Chi-Gerk techniques.

The New Masters

  • Kathrin Grobelnik / Germany, Leipzig
  • Oliver Becker / Germany, Schwelm
  • Andrea Kesting / Germany, Bielefeld
  • RenĂ© Simons / Germany, Aachen
  • Massimiliano Antonelli / Italy, Riccione
  • Massimo Gianmarinaro / Italy, Livorno
  • Frank Kohlhase / Germany, Kassel
  • Michael Casey / USA / Los Angeles
  • Ayhan Alsancak / Sweden / Goetheburg
  • Abdullah Nawabi / Danmark / Copenhagen

We are pleased and Very Proud! Your EBMAS - team


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