Sifu rewards for hard work

February 09, 2007 at 2:59 PM

Dai-Sifu Emin was delighted to visit to Bangor's EBMAS Wing Tzun School for a third time, to further educate and grade the instructors and students of the Wing Tzun system.

Students and instructors of all ages and sizes attended to learn from the more than willing teacher. During the 4hr seminar Dai-Sifu Emin demonstrated the powerful and explosive footwork used in Wing Tzun before drilling the students in situations in which the footwork would be applied to defend against an attacker. Dai-Sifu Emin also explained in depth the scientific concepts used in the Wing Tzun system so that students could understand more clearly the movements and techniques. Dai-Sifu Emin said 'Many martial artists claim that the style they practice is scientific, but can't explain that science and how students can apply it to techniques in order to correct themselves. Therefore, students may not receive a full education, but rather learn simply by imitation of movements. In EBMAS we consider ourselves teachers, educating the big muscle in the body 'the brain', only then we can make the body sweat through practice under pressure because the student understands the science behind the movements!'

At the end of the seminar Dai-Sifu Emin rewarded students Kim and Stephen Warke, Mark Conn, Colin Burgess, Alistair Black and John hunter for obtaining their 1st Student Level grade and local Bangor instructor Si-Hing Darren Wilson with his 11th grade. Dai-Sifu Emin told everyone he was very pleased with the high standard in the school and that it can only improve if they continue to put in the same effort and train hard!


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