Dublin Summer camp

July 30, 2006 at 3:04 PM

From the 26th to the 30th July Ireland held it's first EBMAS summer camp with Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe. The summer camp consisted of 8hrs a day, for 5 days intense training and teachings in Wing Tzun and Latosa Weapon System. A large group of both students and Instructors, of all ages and sizes, from Northern Ireland, England and Germany travelled to Dublin to participate and to learn, from a more than willing teacher in this first time event in Dublin.

Day 1

Wing Tzun

With Dai-Sifu Emin filming his new movie "Last days of the Ottoman Empire" he was delayed for a day, but the summer camp started as planned with Dai-Si-hing Terry Garrick taking the Wing Tzun in the morning.

Latosa Weapon System

In the afternoon Thomas Volegy (Birds egg) 9th Student level (Latosa Weapon System) and a private student of Grandmaster Rene Latosa, introduced the students for the Escrima class (stick fighting). For most of the students this was their first ever Escrima class.

During the 4hrs everybody were amazed at the depth of knowledge and skill that Thomas had available at his disposal.

Day 2

Wing Tzun

The 2nd day saw Dai-Sifu Emin officially start Ireland's first summer camp kicking off with a Wing Tzun seminar.

Sifu Emin started with explanations of the Siu-Nim-Tao form and how corrections can be made to your movements within the form using the centre line theory.

Applying the same concept with the form the student drilled the circle step with chain punches before adding in the focus mitts to train the explosiveness and protection against kicks and sweeps the circle step provides.

Next Sifu Emin added in the V-step against an opponent rushing in from a greater distance. Sifu Emin also explained the tactics and strategy within the application, and the differences between them.

Latosa Weapon System

The first day, for a lot of the students was their first experience of Escrima, so Sifu Emin drilled the basic point and advancing footwork, empty handed and then with a stick. Once the students got used to wielding a weapon Sifu explain how to strike with power without telegraphing or swing the weapon which would create an opening for your opponent to attack.

Once Sifu Emin had made the students sweat, he explained the box theory in Latosa Weapon System along with the concepts that Grandmaster Rene Latosa used to create the system.

  1. Focus
  2. Speed (Timing/Distance)
  3. Power
  4. Transition
  5. Balance

Day 3

Wing Tzun

On the 3rd day Sifu Emin taught the students the anti-grappling programs in the Wing Tzun system that he himself had created using the Wing Tzun scientific concepts. Sifu Emin explained that anything in the Wing Tzun system that can be done vertically can also be performed horizontally.

Sifu Emin brought everybody on a journey through the different distances and pressures that an opponent can give you once the fight has been taken to the ground and how to react to those pressures to protect yourself.

Latosa Weapon System

In this session Sifu Emin concentrated on the concept of power and focus by training the focus pad drills using empty hand attacks. All the time while concentrating on providing power the balance was checked constantly.

Sifu Emin finished the session off with applications against the strikes he had drill us on in the first session while all the time checking for power, speed (timing/distance), transition, focus and balance.

Day 4

Wing Tzun

In day 4 Sifu Emin drill the students in applications for:

  • Tan-dar
  • Jum-dar
  • Pak-dar
  • Bong-dar
  • Kau-dar
  • Gaun-dar
  • Gum-dar

With each application Sifu Emin emphasised the footwork from the previous days explaining again the tactics and strategy behind the application.

For the Instructors Sifu trained them in the higher student levels for control and restraint and knife defence.

Latosa Weapon System

In the afternoon Sifu explained the box theory again and how to use the frame of the box to defend against the strikes numbers 1-7. Afterwards Sifu Emin showed the application of the box and drilled the students until the focus, power, speed, timing, distance and balance were greater than ever had been before.

Day 5

Wing Tzun

Day 5 saw Sifu Emin train the Nuk-sau exercise some student found the drill difficult to perform so Sifu Emin broke the drill down into different stages and explained in-depth the pressures behind each technique. Soon everybody picked up the drill and was performing much better.

The last part of the day consisted of aerobic drills so the students could practice by themselves if no partner way available to train with. Sifu Emin explained that this was the way he himself used to train when he was younger and first starting Wing Tsun.

Latosa Weapon System

Sifu Emin started the class of with a stick form of some sort to warm up the wrist, the arm and the body. The form consisted of lots of flash movements but explained that this is only to warm-up and is good to get used to the control of the weapon.

Later Sifu Emin introduced the danger of the knife and to show everybody how dangerous a knife really is, he played a couple of fun games.

One of games consisted of all the students gathering tightly together and closing their eyes. Sifu Emin then placed two of the training knives into different student's hands and shouted, GO...! Once the go command was had been given the two students with knives had to try and stab everyone else and the others had to defend themselves. NO ONE SURVIVED.....!

Sifu Emin explained this is what a really knife situation was like! You don't know who has the weapon you don't know if there is more than one weapon and everyone around you is panicking! SO RUN....!


At the end of the last seminar Sifu Emin presented the students testing with their certificates for passing the grade.

  • Thomas Vogeley passes 10th,11th &12th Student level (LWS)
  • Mark Dawson passes 1st & 2nd Student level (LWS)
  • Eddie Hedley passes 1st & 2nd Student level (LWS)
  • Chris Magee passes 1st & 2nd Student level (LWS)
  • Colin Burgess passes 1st & 2nd Student level (LWS)
  • Toby passes 1st Student level in WT & LWS
  • Dylan Byrne passes 1st & 2nd Student level (WT)
  • Jan passes 10th student level (LWS)
  • Sabine Knok passes 4th, 5th, & 6th Student level (LWS)
  • John Hunter passes 1st & 2nd Student level (LWS)
  • Jo Quirke passes 1st & 2nd Student level (LWS)
  • Paddy Smith passes 1st & 2nd Student level (LWS)
  • Si-hing Darren Wilson passes 1st & 2nd Student level (LWS)

Congratulations everyone......!

I would like to say a special thanks to Sifu Emin for holding Irelands first summer camp and teaching us so much!

Other special thanks to students and Instructors that travelled from outside Ireland to participate in the event.

  • Thomas Vogley (Birds Egg) Germany
  • Sabine knoh Germany
  • Terry Garrick England
  • Toby England
  • Jan Germany

Finally a special thanks to Si-hing Eugene Murphy for organising a the venue and hotel and nights out.



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