Si-hing George Eastham

Si-hing-George-Eastham.pngSi-hing George runs EBMAS Wing Tzun classes in Manchester and has been practicing Wing Chun for around nine years prior to joining the EBMAS Family.

After studying Chen Style Tai Chi for a number of years he found that Wing Chun appeared much more practical in a real situation. Mesmerized by the quick movements and Chi Sao techniques, Si-hing George progressed through the system and passed his instructor levels in 2009.

During this time Si-hing George been lucky enough to travel to Hong Kong twice with previous organizations in order to trace the origins of WC and have attended various sessions with Grandmaster Ip Ching and his fellow students and has met some amazing people along the way.

After a few years he felt that his training had stagnated, although still training hard he didn’t appear to be moving forward in the direction he wanted.

Si-hing George attended a seminar with Dai-Sifu Emin Boztepe and everything changed immediately! Amazed at the level of skill, and willingness to teach and the skill of all his senior students, needless to say Si-hing George immediately joined the EBMAS organization and has have never looked back!


  • Completed the 12 Student Levels in Wing Tzun
  • Awarded 1st Technician Level in Wing Tzun

Contact Si-hing George

Phone-Icon.jpg +44 7872647734