Sifu Terry Garrick

Sifu-Terry-Garrick.pngSifu Terry has been training in various forms of WT for over twenty years and is currently the U.K senior instructor for EBMAS.

Currently Sifu Terry runs Full-Time school Harrogate Martial Arts and Fittness Academy teaching Martial Arts and Fittness classes in Harrogate, Leeds.

Included in his training has been boxing, Thai boxing, grappling and Escrima.


  • Awarded 2nd Technician Level in Wing Tzun


  • Awarded 'Sifu of Wing Tzun Kung Fu' Title


  • Awarded 3rd Technician Level in Wing Tzun

Benefits: realistic self-protection skills, improved fitness, improved muscle toning and fat loss, stress relief, enjoyable hobby, increased speed, power and flexibility.

If you wish to contact Sifu Terry for more information on Wing Tzun, Latosa Escrima, training times or Private Training which is available to anyone wanting to advance more quickly or consolidate his or her own training...

Contact Sifu Terry

Phone-Icon.jpg +44 7838 138011