Bangor Martial Arts Academy

Bangor Martial Arts Academy is a full-time school offering martial arts in the UK & Ireland. As a part of EBMAS UK & Ireland it offers martial arts classes in Bangor Co.Down, teaching EBMAS Wing Tzun Kung Fu & Latosa Escrima Self-Defense Systems.

Currently Bangor Martial Arts Academy is run by long term friends and training partners Sifu Darren Wilson and Sifu Mark Carson. Together they have been training in various forms of Wing Tzun Self-Defense for over ten years each included in their training has been boxing, Ju-Jutsu, Kick boxing, grappling and Latosa Escrima.

School Fees

You can take advantage of our martial arts classes in Bangor on a free Trail for a Month.

Training Options

School fees are collected using PayPal. This allows our instructors to concentrate fully on educating students.  Fees are collected on a monthly basis which includes a discount. One of the best reasons for using PayPal is its cost: free. That’s right. No annual membership fees, no processing fees, no service charges. Using PayPal get all the powerful advantages associated with the service and do not have to pay a penny.

If you already have a Paypal account simply sign into you account using the subscribe link below. If you dont have a PayPal account PayPal can process verious payment cards using the same subscribe link.

Training Schedule

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